This Maid of Honour upstaged the newlyweds in the funniest way

Published 27th Oct 2017

Being a Maid of Honour can be a little hectic at times: with endless responsibility and a stack of errands to inevitably tick off in the run-up as well as on the big day itself, it can be a rather taxing (but lovely!) task. 

However, this MOH had a rather brilliant idea to inject some #sass into her best friend's wedding day.

How would you feel if your bridesmaid did this?

After Rebecca Foster and her husband James exchanged their wedding vows, they headed outdoors with photographer Ashley Hempel to take their official wedding pictures.

Also in tow was Rebecca's Maid of Honour, Sharilyn Wester, who was asked to throw the bride's veil for a candid just-married shot.

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Sharilyn decided to have a little fun with the moment - posing for a serious of hilariously staged pics.

Bride Rebecca was already in on the joke and knew Sharilyn was planning to let the lols roll - but James was in for a surprise when the MOH began striking a pose...

(Scroll down to take a look!)

"We’ve been best friends since after high school. I’m originally from Canada but am living in the USA now, so we knew that being together again at her wedding, we had to do something memorable," Sharilyn told Huffington Post UK. "We both have the strange sense of humour."

Er - amazing. 

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