11 roles to give your friends on your wedding day

Published 5th Dec 2017 - Can't fit everyone in as a bridesmaid or usher - but still want to include them? Here's how...

1. Invite them to get ready with you on your wedding morning.

They might not be in the direct bridal party but that doesn't mean they can't join you for a glass of pre-ceremony champagne. 

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2. Ask them to welcome guests as they arrive at your venue

It’s a great way for them to meet your friends and family - as well as point them in the right direction!

3. Ask them to give a reading during your ceremony

If they’re comfortable with public speaking, asking them to deliver a meaningful reading is a sweet and simple way to include them.

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4. Ask them to be your ring bearer

Like this man did at his cousin's wedding.

5. Ask them to be in charge of the confetti

The perfect task for friends who want to be involved - but not too involved.

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#6. Raise a glass to them during your speech

Mentioning them during your toasts is a lovely way to acknowledge the importance of their friendship to you.

7. Ask them to be in charge of promoting your wedding hashtag

If you’ve got a particularly social-media-savvy friend, task them with getting your guests to share their snaps online with your wedding-specific hashtag.

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8. Ask them to keep an eye on older guests

Especially if they're attending on their own: put your friend in charge of (subtly) making sure they’re happy and comfortable throughout the celebration.

9. Ask them to provide entertainment for the reception

Only if they’re a performer, obviously!

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10. Ask them to usher your guests towards the guestbook/photobooth.

It’s always a great shame when an interactive element of a wedding reception goes largely unnoticed - so ask them if they’d mind encouraging guests to sign your guestbook or strike a pose in the photobooth.

11. Honour them on the dancefloor

Invite them all onto the dancefloor for a special friends’ dance - Friends theme tune, optional.

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