FYI, these are the 5 things every wedding guest hates

FYI, these are the 5 things every wedding guest hates

Published 2nd Oct 2017

Say 'I don't' to this list of wedding day no-nos...


A ceremony that’s too long

Unless your ceremony is religious, it’s easy enough to keep it to a trim 20-30 minutes. Any longer, and guests will begin to lose focus or wore, resent being there. Also, be sensitive of your venue choice: if it’s a stuffy room or an outdoors location on a blazing hot day, make sure you have air-con or suncream on-hand to help guests keep comfortable.

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Not being told it’s a cash bar

If your guests are required to pay for their own drinks, fine. However, not letting them know they won’t be able to use cards to make payments is not okay - especially if your venue doesn’t have its own cash point. If you’re unsure, double-check with your event coordinator and let guests know ASAP.

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Too much ‘down time’ between the ceremony and the reception

As much as it might sound ridiculous, leaving your guests unattended when you have your formal photographs taken will not a happy wedding party make! Instead, make sure activities are available, from cheap garden games to icebreaking challenges. Failing that, food and drink will make mingling a whole lot easier - and stop tummies from rumbling, too!

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Speeches that aren’t audible

The speeches are one of the stand-out moments of any wedding: emotional, comical, heartfelt… And yet utterly pointless if people can’t hear them. Factor in the size of your room, the number of people that will be in attendance and the typical volume of speakers’ voices - if they don’t all tally up, talk to your venue about whether they offer the useage of a microphone as part of your package. (If they aren’t already, that is!)

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Music that doesn’t cater for everyone

Sure, you and your partner both love 1980s heavy metal. Great! But that doesn’t mean every other person in your lives feels the same. Having a niche playlist for your reception will not guarantee a busy dancefloor - rather, people are more likely to slink off early. Instead, pepper other sorts of music throughout your playlist - keep your favourites in there, but mix it up with other genres too. You might be the last people anyone would expect to have Justin Bieber on their wedding playlist but hey - keep your guests on their toes!

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