11 signs you should take a break from wedding planning

11 signs you should take a break from wedding planning

Published 2nd Oct 2017

Hey, this is definitely not an intervention - we're just making a suggestion...


1. You don’t remember the last time you had a weekend (or even just an evening) free from #wedmin

It’s got to a point where you question what you actually used to do in your spare time. These days, spare time is spent triple-checking your seating plan (again) and agonising over all the things that could go wrong in the run-up to the big day. Jeez, what did you used to do? Life was so empty and meaningless before you had so many spreadsheets to sustain you. 

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2. You feel irritable if people don’t reply to you straight away

From your partner all the way to your florist (via your bridesmaids), you've noticed you start to feel twitchy if you don’t get responses to your wedding-related emails/texts/voicemails within five minutes of sending them.



3. You can deftly link any conversation back to your wedding planning.

Whether your friends/relatives/colleagues are talking about the weather, American politics, Christmas shopping, next-door neighbour dramas... You've developed an inadvertent habit of segueingit back to your W-day planning.

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4. You have a never-ending to-do list

No matter how many things you tick off, the list just seems to keep growing. It's like the plant from Little Shop Of Horrors, but less musical. And more terrifying. 



5. Your partner attempts to leave the room when you open your budget spreadsheet or planning notebook

Sometimes he manages it - on other occasions, you spot him and demand he sits next to you so you can talk him through the just-in-case Plan B canapé options.

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6. Nobody ‘gets’ quite how much there is to do

“But everyone gets married,” observes your mum, genuinely baffled, as you explain for the third time that the to-do list (see point #4) is stopping you from getting more than three hours sleep at night.

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7. All of your online output is wedding linked

Every Instagram post. Every Facebook update. Every YouTube video watched. Jeez, even every tweet. All of it has a subtle wedding-related link, whether an all-out photo of your engagement ring or a snap from your first visit to a bridal boutique, or a more subtle #wifeytobe that only the eagle-eyed would notice.

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8. You thought this was meant to be FUN

Perhaps you’re just really, really thorough at organising things. That’s why it all feels so… military.



9. In fact, you’re mainly looking forward to your wedding day because that means the planning will ALL BE OVER

And that means it’s time for the recuperation holiday afterwards. Whoops - you mean, honeymoon.

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10. You have regular nightmares about things that could go wrong

From no guests turning up to a freak gust of wind scooping you up into the air like some kind of taffeta-adorned balloon (you saw a video shared on Facebook - it can totally happen), every scenario has played through your sleeping mind and woken you up with a gasp.



11. You’re addicted to Pinterest

You’re starting to wonder if you’ve developed ‘pinner’s thumb’ - a stiffness in your thumb from where you browse the moodboard site on your phone (at any given moment: on the Tube, in the bathroom, queuing in Tesco…) so regularly that you’ve essentially developed a kind of ultimate #firstworldproblems RSI.


In all seriousness: if you related to six or more of the above, the wedding planning is getting too much, lady! Take a week off and remind yourself why, exactly, you and your partner are getting married. Organising your dream day will obviously come with a certain amount of anticipation and, perhaps, stress - but you should enjoy every moment rather than feeling fed up or exhausted by it. 

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