7 things to definitely not say to your bridesmaids

7 things to definitely not say to your bridesmaids

Published 29th Aug 2017

They're your best girls - so these are the things you should almost-certainly never-ever utter in their direction while you're planning your W-day! 


#1 "I've found the perfect dress for you! Will you be able to transfer £350 to me by the end of the month?"

Be upfront and honest with your girls about this: if you want them to pay for their own outfits, tell them ASAP. If you're expecting them to pay for their own gowns, don't set expectations in terms of budget. Also, be conscious of the fact that whilst that frilly number you originally had your eye on could make a gorgeous choice, chances are they'll want to pick something they can wear again after the wedding day. 

Instead, say: "I can't wait to go shopping together - we'll find something that ticks all the boxes!"

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#2 "Aw - don't worry, one day it will be you!"

If you have a perennially single 'maid in your #bridetribe, don't assume she'll be 'struggling' or 'finding it difficult' to be involved in your wedding plans. 

Instead, say: "Don't worry, you can get your own back on me when I'm your bridesmaid..." 

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#3 "I'm gonna need my passport for the hen party, aren't I?"

Making assumptions about your hen party will apply unfair pressure to the people who are planning it. Go into it with no expectations and you can only be impressed!

Instead, say: "I can't wait for my hen. Do I need to bring anything?"

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#4 "Bridesmaid X is properly doing my head in..."

Talking behind the back of one bridesmaid to another will only end in tears, whether they're yours or one of the 'maids. 

Instead, say: Nothing to anyone other than bridesmaid X. Talk to her one-on-one if the issue has really bothered you; otherwise, rise above it and shrug it off.

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#5 "Don't worry - no one will be looking at you anyway."

Nope, this really isn't the best way to tell your bridesmaid that you don't have any thoughts on what colour nail polish she should wear. 

Instead, say: "You're going to look gorgeous whichever colour you choose."

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#6 "We should all shift some weight before the wedding - shall we join a class together?"

Suggesting you try something new together is great; telling someone they need to lose weight is just rude

Instead, say: "Anyone fancy trying this new exercise class with me? I fancy giving it a try - could be fun!"

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#7 "You're going to cover up your tattoo/piercing/etc on the wedding day, aren't you?"

They're one of your best friends, so instead of worrying they'll spoil the aesthetic of your W-day, you should just be thrilled and delighted to have them - in their truest form - by your side. 

Instead, say: "In 40 years, we'll be looking back on the wedding photos and thinking how gorgeous we are."


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