13 clever ways to cut the cost of your wedding flowers

13 clever ways to cut the cost of your wedding flowers

Published 2nd May 2017

Stick to your budget - and still create the floral celebration of your dreams - with these tips...


#1 Be inventive with your bridesmaids' flowers: for example, give them a pretty corsage or chic floral necklace to wear, rather than a pricey bouquet to hold.

#2 Consider having fewer flowers and more foliage. A scattering of statement blooms surrounded by lots of greenery will look striking and modern - and also be a beautiful nod to Pantone's Colour of the Year: Greenery!

Image: Frances Sale Photography

#3 Choose seasonal flowers grown locally - this will obviously cost you much less than flying in exotic blooms from overseas!

#4 Use pot plants, succulents or pretty herbs for your tablecentres, instead of floral displays.

Image: Helen Abraham and Amy Sanders; see the rest of Hattie and Olly's wedding here.

#5 Make the most of your church flowers by transporting them to your reception venue. Pedestals look fabulous as entrance displays, while pew-ends can be used as gorgeous chairback decorations.

#6 Stick to one or two key blooms for your arrangements, rather than multiple types, which will bump up the price.

Image: : Elysia Nicole; see the rest of Amber and Chris' wedding here.

#7 Use fresh flowers for your bouquet - but go faux for your buttonholes, tablecentres and venue decorations. Not only will you cut out worrying about them drooping in the heat, you could also stand to cut your costs significantly.

#8 DIY your tablecentres: shop garden centres and supermarkets for cheap herbs or plants and cute containers that you can pair with ribbon, candles and so on. 

#9 Opt for a hand-tied bouquet rather than a trailing design - thought beautiful, trailing bouquets are more labour-intensive, so will naturally cost more to create.

#10 Make the most of a simplistic tablecentre by using mirrors to add the illusion of size and depth.

Image: Simon Gough; see the rest of Joanne and Joseph's wedding here.

#11 Be savvy with your floral arrangements. One stunning display will have a lot more impact and wow-factor than lots of smaller pieces will. Also, think about which areas your guests will be spending the most time in and focus on these places, rather than trying to adorn every available space.

#12 Alternate floral tablecentres with candles - which are a fraction of the cost.

Image: Amy Faith Photography; see the rest of Charlotte and Michael's wedding here.

#13 Ask if there are any other weddings taking place at your church or ceremoney venue - you might be able to share the cost of your flowers with another couple!

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