15 facts you didn't know about roses

Published 22nd Feb 2017 - With the demand for the national flower of England showing no signs slowing down, we've put together your go-to guide!

#1 Rose season in the UK runs from May to September, although growth tends to slow down when there is a lot of rain!

#2 If you’re after symbolism with your wedding blooms, then roses are for you! It is said that chaperoned ladies in Victorian times used floriography (the language of flowers) to communicate with possible suitors. Red roses symbolised love, although a dark red was a sign of guilt, whereas a very pale red was a signal to keep the affair a secret. 

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#3 Other shades have their own meanings too. White means purity and charm. Pink and peach symbolises happiness, and grace. Yellow is for joy and friendship. Orange means desire, while lavender and lilac symbolise enchantment and love at first sight. 

#4 There is actually about a hundred different species of roses, which vary in colour, shape and climate preference. The most commonly seen ones are tea roses.

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#5 Roses are often added to salads, desserts and cakes as an extra flavour. Rose petals and rose hips can also be made into jam, jelly and marmalade – so you can incorporate your favourite flower into your wedding breakfast too!

#6 Roses do not actually have thorns. The sharp spikes that are often referred to as 'thorns' are technically prickles. Who knew?

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#7 For a mixture of buds and open blooms, ask your florist to keep some of the roses in a cool frost-free room, as they will stay in bud longer, and let others open in warmer conditions.

#8 Spray roses usually have three or more blooms in a cluster at the top of each stem and are the perfect complement to singlestem roses.

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#9 The Tudor rose (red and white, to represent the united houses of York and Lancaster) is the national symbol of England, but did you know that the rose is also the national flower of the USA, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Maldives?

#10 On average, 21 million roses are sold in the UK around Valentine’s Day!

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#11 Ever wonder why and how roses are so fragrant? They have tiny perfume glands on their petals! So now you know why your bouquet has such a wonderful scent...

#12 Would you pay £3 million for a rose? That’s how much top rose breeders David Austin paid to create the apricot-hued ‘Juliet’ rose in 2006. It took 15 years to be developed and made its debut at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show, taking the floral world by storm thanks to its beauty and of course, the price. Thankfully the £3 million price tag has not been passed on to the happy couples!

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#13 The word 'rose' is French, which stems from the Latin 'rosa', meaning 'love'.

#14 Wild roses are single, delicate blooms, shed their petals easily and are only available in June. Bear in mind they’ll also need to be picked the day before the wedding to have any chance of lasting.

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#15 Contrary to popular belief, breeders have never actually managed to grow black or blue roses – ‘Black Baccarat’ and ‘Black Magic’ are both dark red and the the ‘Aqua’ rose is actually a shade  of pink.

Main image: Binky Nixon

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