5 expert tips for finding your dream wedding bouquet

Published 7th Feb 2017 - Top florist Philippa Craddock reveals how you can pick the perfect blooms for your day...

#1 Start with what you know

The best starting place is your dress and venue, as both will feed into the overall style and shape of your bouquet.

For example, if you are wearing Alice Temperley and your wedding is very much an informal country affair, then a wild, loose design, created with beautiful meadow flowers, should be top of your list. If however, your wedding and dress are formal, then a more compact, domed bouquet might be a better starting point.

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#2 Go seasonal

Always choose seasonal flowers wherever you can, both to ensure you set the perfect tone for the day and also so you can guarantee the absolute best quality blooms.

With incredible logistics and links to growers worldwide, you can pretty much have any flower you wish, at any time of the year, but seasonal ones will always outshine. Your florist will be able to advise you on the perfect seasonal flowers for you.

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#3 Consider colours

Colour will play a significant part in the design of your bouquet. You may have always dreamt of the perfect white, demure bouquet or maybe you would love your flowers to really stand out by selecting incredible brights and clashing tones.

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#4 Perfectly perfumed

If fragrance is really important to you, there are very specific seasonal flowers, available at different times of the year which will certainly give you a fabulous scent, from old English garden roses, to delicate freesias and summer sweet peas – there are so many wonderful fragranced blooms to choose from.

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#5 Pin, pin!

Finally, create a moodboard on Pinterest just for your wedding flowers and start pinning; add as many bouquets, varieties of flowers, colours and designs as possible. Share this with your florist to help them understand the styles you love; they will be able to combine all of the above and make suggestions for your perfect bouquet.

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