Colin the Caterpillar is getting married!

Published 30th Jan 2017 - Marks & Spencer has unveiled two deliciously adorable new wedding cakes...

Colin the Caterpillar has been a fixture of birthday celebrations across the UK for absolute years, and chances are you'll have found yourself at the centre of many a 'but I want the face...!' argument in your life-time.

However, the delectable insect is all grown up: he's getting married!

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Nope, this is not a drill. Colin the Caterpillar is officially off the market and planning to tie the knot with his lady-love, Connie (also a caterpillar, naturally).

In celebration of the union, Marks & Spencer has announced the launch of its brand new Colin and Connie wedding cakes. At £50 each, the cakes each offer up 40 portions of sweet spongey goodness; Colin is dapper in a candy top hat and white rose buttonhole, whilst his beautiful bride wears an on-point veil and a set of 'flowery hi top trainers'. 

In a release about the whirlwind romance, M&S explained: "Colin and Connie officially started dating after being introduced by friends at a birthday party in May last year. The pair have been seen side by side on the shelves at M&S ever since".

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Percy Pig is set to be Best Man at the celebration, and has commented: "Colin was a committed bachelor until he met Connie – he was always out and about at parties with the likes of David Beckham. I’m delighted that Colin has now found his true love. I know he’ll be as happy as Penny and I - we can’t wait for the celebrations!"

Colin and Connie's guest-list looks set to rival that of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, with names expected to attend including David Beckham, Jessica Ennis and David Cameron (who reportedly all choose Colin as their birthday cake of choice).

Nope, you're not dreaming. Find out more about the Colin the Caterpillar wedding cake here; find out more about the Connie the Caterpillar wedding cake here.

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