Pinterest has just predicted the 8 biggest beauty trends of 2017

Pinterest has just predicted the 8 biggest beauty trends of 2017

Published 5th Jan 2017

There are over four billion beauty ideas on Pinterest - and here's what you'll be seeing the most of over the next 12 months...


If you're as obsessed with Pinterest as we are - follow us here - then we've got some good news! The moodboarding website has shared its predictions for this year's biggest trends, covering everything from beauty to home, fashion to travel, and everything in between.

We've rounded up the hottest beauty trends for the year ahead, compiled based on the % growth the website has seen in terms of search traffic. Happy browsing - and let us know what you think of the looks by tweeting us (@weddingmagazine). 

Braided topknots (125% growth in searches)

Pinterest says: "Everywhere you turn there are top knots, but this year will be different. Kind of. The braided top knot is the new no-fuss, never-fail, always chic hairstyle."

We say: All hail the topknot! Perfect for covering up a bad hair day, this low-key 'do has had an oh-so fancy twist added in for 2017. Braiding not your strong point? Keep things simple with a wrap around plait tucked into your bun; if you're a bit more savvy (or have a friend who can help you out), consider a jaw-dropping floral-braid design for your wedding day hair.

braided bun wedding ideasImages, left to right: thefashionspot; lulus; classic-hairstyles.


No-heat hairstyles (35% growth in searches)

Pinterest says: "Think you could go a day without your blow dryer, straightener or curling iron? Embrace the locks your mama gave you, and give your hair a healthy break."

We say: We already knew, guys. Take a peek at our guide to achieving heat-free curls here!

no heat hairstylesImages, left to right: topinspired; Breakfast At Vogue; 7BeautyTips.


Jojoba oil (30% growth)

Pinterest says: "The breakout solution to add to your beauty lineup STAT."

We say: If it's all-natural and will help us tackle spots, we're in. 

jojoba oil usesImages, left to right: Body Unburdened; homemadeforelle; juicymagonline.


Chrome nails (570% growth)

Pinterest says: "Nail junkies are obsessed with mirrored manis, but chrome takes it to the next level. A special powder is used to create an effect so shiny you can actually see your own reflection."

We say: If you don't want to risk blinding your groom as he slides your wedding band on, perhaps opt for a statement chrome nail or two, rather than a whole, er, handful. 

chrome nails weddingImages, left to right: source; source.


Cut crease (138% growth)

Pinterest says: "All eyes are on this contouring technique."

We say: We can't decide if this full-on beauty look is stunning or a bit over the top (read, a lot over the top). Definitely worth a go though - although perhaps give it a swerve for your wedding day. If you're prone to tears, you would not want all that eyeliner dripping down your face as you say your vows...

cut crease wedding make upImages, left to right: source; source; source.


Ash balayage (240% growth)

Pinterest says: "A gradual approach to edgy color."

We say: Pretty! Perfect for wearing in boho waves or a cute over-the-shoulder fishtail braid, we love this low-key idea for brides who want to change-up their hair colour in a subtle but stylish way.

ash balayage wedding hairImages, left to right: VPfashion; howloved; therighthairstyles.


Charcoal masks (333% growth)

Pinterest says: "A treatment that has the deep-cleaning dirty work covered."

We say: Count us in! Try out this no-fuss charcoal mask recipe to give it a go at home.

charcoal mask tutorialImage: thewhatnowblog


Lip and cheek stain (33% growth)

Pinterest says: "A two-in-one beauty bestie."

We say: Slightly old school, we're all in favour of hard-working products that tick multiples boxes rather than just one. Not convinced? Try out this DIY recipe to give it a go before you splash out!

cheek lip stainImage: helloglow

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