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7 ways to up the relax-factor of your bedroom

Whether you want a quick-fix or are planning a long-haul makeover, prepare to feel inspired...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 27-08-2018 16:00pm

A recent survey revealed over a third (38%) of Brits have 'banned' technology from their bedrooms in a bid to help them switch off.

The study, conducted by Geberit, found that 80% of us are fully aware we spend more time looking at gadgets than we do sleeping, with seven-in-10 admitting they struggle to put down mobile phones, tablets, et. al.

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If you haven't quite got the discipline to ban your phone or smart device from the boudoir, don't fret: you're not alone and there are plenty of other things you can do to up the chill-factor of your space.

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The ideal bedroom, arguably, will be a combination of things: inviting and alluring, it should reflect your needs effortlessly. As much a sanctuary as it is somewhere to prettify and pamper, the perfect bedroom is the place you can't wait to check-in to each evening. If you think about it, it's a no-brainer; imagine the typical person has a minimum of six hours asleep (or at the very least, in bed) each night. That's around a quarter of your life, spent in the bedroom - so might as well design a space where you can truly unwind, no?

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So, tech-ban aside, how else can you bump up the chill-factor in your chambre? The good news is you're pretty much spoilt for choice, whether you want a quick nip-in-the-bud fix or are planning a total overhaul, and whether your budget is on the low or high end of the spectrum. 

Read on to find out how!

1. Invest in the best possible bedding
From silky pillow cases to cosy-cosy blankets and sheets, treat your bed to the most sumptuous, irresistible bedding your budget can stretch to. The goal is to pick the pieces you find yourself craving in the middle of the day; the eiderdown you can't wait to climb under, or the super-snug cushions you long to lounge back against, or the headboard that makes sitting up with a good book ludicrously comfortable.

bedroom,cushions,patterns,mattress,fur,bed frame,headboard,art

The mattress is essential, too; after all, there's no point in all that beautiful bedding if you wake up with back ache every morning...

2. Consider the layout of the room
Decide if everything is in the best place it can be. By this, we mean work out if every movable element (such as the cabinets, the wardrobe and so on) is in the best and most logical position it can possibly be. Your bed, for example, will need to be in a peaceful location, away from sources of unwanted light and noise.

bedroom,boho chic,bohemian,bed,mattress,neutral,cushions

Give careful thought to the feng shui of your bedroom: does the space have a harmonious flow of energy? Does it make you feel flat and exhausted, or relaxed in the evenings and energised (well - ish) in the mornings? If it doesn't match your needs in its current layout (or in any other that you can visualise), consider hiring a consultant to help you create exactly the energy you want and need.

How to apply the basics of spatial planning in your bedroom

3. Skip the clutter
Whilst stacks of books by your bedside or an over-flowing clothes rail might add a sense of endearing cosiness to your bedroom, the reality is that clutter can feel chaotic and induce mild feelings of stress.

bed, floral, wallpaper, dar, linen, white bed, wintry, wood flooring, floor, parquet, rose, flowers, wall, covering, feature wall, books

Creamy wallpaper, Credit: Ashley Woodson Bailey

Reassess your storage situation and work out how you can have everything you need (and we mean need) to hand without creating a sea of chaos.

4. Give some thought to your colour scheme
As with any room in your house, the colour(s) you pick for your bedroom walls will have a huge impact on the 'vibe' of your space.


Cool neutral shades are the way to go for a classic chill-fix; richer or brighter hues can work, too, but it's probably best to opt for an accent wall of vibrant colour or pattern to avoid overwhelming.

Bedroom,bed,colourful,pendant lighting,forest green,natural,wooden frame

Whatever you do, make sure your palette reflects your personality and the ambience you want to create.

5. Clean, clean, clean
Sweep away the dust, polish the mirrors, hoover those hard-to-reach corners... Take things to the next level by giving the woodwork a gentle wash, too; we're talking skirting boards, cabinetry and doors, too. 

manor,country,dorset,bedroom,green,mirror,chest of drawers,bed

On a day-to-day basis, basic habits such as putting away outfits at the end of each day (rather than putting them on the floor to deal with 'tomorrow') might require a soupçon of effort but will be entirely worth it just to be free of that miserable pile of crumpled clothes at the foot of the be...

5 ways to keep your bedroom cool in the heat

6. Switch up your lighting 
If you've relied on the same weary-looking lampshade and bedside light combo for, oh, as long as you can remember, it might be time to invest in something a little more exciting.

Bedroom,gold,bedside table,green,bed,carpet,light,wall mounted,large headboard

Pick a fitting that complements the atmosphere you want to create and make sure it will match your requirements.

7. And finally: be strict about what can (and can't) happen in the room
Do you need a television on top of your dresser? Just because your headboard is next to a set of plugs, does that mean you need to charge your phone over night? Can some of the items bursting out of your chest-of-drawers be decanted into alternative storage?

bedroom, wardrobe, storage, doors, french, shabby chic, gabriella, antiqued mirror, sand blasted wood, crafted, vintage, graham and green, rustic, country,

Gabriella wardrobe, Credit: Graham & Green

NEXT! Okay, that's enough R-and-R for now: let's consider some colourful ideas for your boudoir! Click any image below to begin browsing our moodboard of ideas...

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (Instagram, not coffee), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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