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Trend alert: Kitchen worktop designs

Terrazzo, black, marble-effect and more are all making a comeback
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 24-05-2018 15:00pm

Insights by Mar Esteve Cortes, marketing director from Neolith

We expect a lot from our kitchens and with good reason. They have long been regarded as the heart of the home, a room in which we commune on a daily basis to eat, drink and socialise. Thus, it is crucial the space delicately balance aesthetics with performance. Worktops, splashbacks and floors need to simultaneously achieve beauty of form while being able to handle the culinary tasks of everyday life.

To help you make this task easier, sintered stone manufacturer Neolith have created surfaces that meet the various demands of a residential kitchen whilst maintaining its attractive style and integrity. Additionally, it offers the dual-assurance of long-term value and durability.


Whether the aim is urban rustic or industrial, rich and dark or light and airy, a plethora of fashionable looks are featuring prominently in the domestic cooking space. Neolith’s patterns, inspired by a wide range of popular natural and manufactured materials, are capable of achieving all of these desirable motifs and more.

The surface must go on
As homeowners are leaning towards sleek simplicity and elegance in the cooking space, integrated design is on the rise. Monolithic kitchen islands can play a significant role in achieving this. Cabinetry veneered to match the worktop creates an eye-catching statement piece. Functionality can be subtly incorporated, concealed by continuous colours and patterns. A fully unified effect is more wholly realised through incorporating an integrated sink.  


Taking this further, seamless surfaces have become standard. Traditionally achieved through acrylic, polyester and plastic laminate, Neolith Infinity allows fabricators and designers to match this effect with impeccable precision using sintered stone. Featuring hygienic and wear-resistant qualities coupled with a collection of striking motifs, Neolith offers vast creative scope for bringing continuity to the heart of the home.

Polished to perfection
Marble effects such as Calacatta, Carrara and Estatuario are enduringly popular. Testament to this timeless appeal, last year Neolith was specified for the kitchen of renowned French pastry chef Anne-Sophie Rischard. She specifically asked for a polished finish to improve the consistency and texture of her pastries; the surface itself is perfectly smooth with incredibly low porosity, ensuring an unblemished dough. From an aesthetic perspective, Anne-Sophie chose Neolith Blanco Carrara as it creates a blank canvas on which her culinary masterpieces can stand out. This is especially useful for her, a consummate Instagrammer, offering an understated backdrop for filming and taking pictures of her creations.

Trend alert: As baking becomes increasingly popular in the domestic sphere, more requests are being registered in 2018 for this type of pattern and finish.


20 x 20 vision
Where “thin was in” throughout 2016 and 2017, Neolith saw a distinct sea change in taste throughout the back-end of last year. Numerous requests from interior designers and specifiers were registered for thicker sintered stone surfaces, especially for use as kitchen worktops and islands. In response to this growing interest, Neolith decided to add 15 colours to its 20 mm range for 2018, one of the thickest formats of sintered stone currently available, bringing the collection to 20 strong. Thicker slabs establish a distinctive focal point when incorporated into a residential kitchen’s design as a central island or dining table-top.


Back in black
Homeowners are also looking to darker, inkier tones found in igneous rock, with basalt and soapstone styles in high demand. Neolith expects to see plenty of surfaces which encapsulate the beautiful detailing of these ancient stones, including beautiful, complex swirling, deep grains and organic, continuous patterns true to the look and feel of the real thing. The depth and contrast offered by these rich materials have inspired kitchen designers to be adventurous, from monochromatic worktop and splashback combinations to visually bold flooring.


Go retro
Nostalgia is nothing new, but across residential kitchens, Neolith has noticed a revived appreciation for design classic terrazzo. Throughout 2017, Neolith saw an increase in demand from both architects and specifiers for terrazzo, alongside other vintage designs. This playful and colourful stone once so popular, from bank floors to DIY applications, is finding a new lease of life as a chic surface in the home kitchen.

Characterised by bold patterning and cosmopolitan sophistication, Neolith Retrostone is a captivating interpretation of the mosaic-like pattern, capturing not only its aesthetic, but also its eco-friendly and low-maintenance qualities.

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