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The 6 no-fuss details that will instantly transform your bedroom

Take your boudoir to the next level with these twists and you can buy them today!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 13-09-2018 16:00pm

We live in a world that has an emphasis on speed.

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom redesign

Whether we're scrolling timelines, booking next-day deliveries, swiping back and forth between browser tabs... We want things, and we want them now, gosh darnit. 

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If you ever find yourself craving a little respite from the million-miles-an-hour pace at which we all seem to operate, know you're not alone. Thousands of us crave the option to switch-off every day, with meditation, mindfulness et. al all fantastic options for helping people across the globe give those 21st century brains a little - well - peace. 

How to make the most of your bedroom features

However, more often than not speed and efficiency has its place, especially when it comes to the home. Here, we've rounded up seven super-speedy and oh-so savvy tips and tricks for transforming your bedroom, like, today - meaning your boudoir will become a place where you actually can switch off, unwind, get your zen on... Or at the very least, flick between tabs in a little more comfort.

#1 The perfect mirror
Picking a beautiful mirror for your bedroom is a choice: a decision, something to ponder and give proper consideration to.

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It's a luxury because, yes, you could just pick a bog-standard frameless creation that will be perfectly functional - but equally, you could splash out on something a little more grown-up and sophisticated that will reflect as well as add elegance. An added mirror bonus? It will make your bedroom look larger. 

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Callas mirror, embossed metal chest of drawers, Credit: Graham & Green

#2 Fragrant fleurs
A vase of your favourite flowers will lift spirits, as well as adding a splash of floral luxury to your bedroom. Displayed on the bedside stand, fireplace or on your dressing table, they'll look beautiful.

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If you or your partner suffer from hayfever, or you simply don't fancy refreshing wilting blooms each week, opt instead for fragranced fakes; they look very convincing and can smell incredible, too.

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Fauvisimo fabric by Harlequin

#3 Your favourite candles 
On the subject of fragrance, candles are perfect for adding a perfumed twist to your bedroom. Whether it's a one-off flicker or a whole cluster of candles, they'll add a delicious hint of scent to your space, as well as helping create the just-right atmosphere when lit.

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#4 Framed artwork
Whether it's photographs of your family or a print by your favourite artist, beautiful frames will look gorgeous propped up against your dresser or hanging on the wall.


Whether sentimental or stylish, this makes for a great way to add a little extra character to your space.


#5 Clean windows
Sparkling glass will let the sunlight stream in, meaning your bedroom will feel brighter, lighter and all-round airier.


If you don't have time to book the services of a pro, simply use glass spray and old newspaper to get your windows squeaky clean; yes, it will take a little elbow grease, but it will so be worth it!

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#6 Wow-factor lighting
Whether it's a a theme-matching lampshade on your bedside table or a statement fitting suspended from the ceiling, pick something that's as fabulous as it is functional.

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NEXT! Browse our edit of relaxing bedroom ideas - click any image on our moodboard below to begin browsing.

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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