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This is what your bathroom should look like according to your star sign

Yep - your horoscope might just be able to help you work out the finer details...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 17-07-2018 09:00am

You've made moodboards on KBB Ark, scoured your favourite Instagram feeds, you've explored the homes of family and friends - but if you're still looking for a little extra interiors inspiration, have you ever considered consulting your star sign? 

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Whilst horoscopes are typically used to suggest a course of action, they can also be used to hint at other areas of life, too; after all, each star sign has its own unique set of characteristics. 

How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom

Naturally, these can be applied to the interior design of your home and, more specifically, the decoration of your bathroom. Here, world-famous astrologer Russell Grant shares his insights for each star sign - read on for a little starry-eyed inspiration!

If you're an ARIES (March 21 to April 20)...
"You have a very practical side to your nature," says Russell. "Ruled by Mars, you'll most likely choose red-based colours, be it crimson, deep maroon or a hot pink. You're fond of printed materials and want something out of the ordinary to assert your independence - quirky curtains, perhaps. Your bathroom will be fully functional but will give you a warm glow every time you step into it, thanks to those rosy hues on the walls." 

Bathroom,tiles,bathroom,elegant,colourful,patinated,depth,crimson,red,marinace rosso granite

Marinace Rosso granite from Gerald Culliford

If you're a TAURUS (April 21 to May 21)...
The colours mentioned above are quite literally red rags to the Taurus bull - and a visit to a pink bathroom is likely to put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day, warns Russell. "Instead, blues and turquoises will appeal," he advises. "If they're 'showy', so more the better - bulls like to show off their hard-earned cash! Taureans will stretch the budget to afford as much outrageous luxury as possible - for example, a sunken bath tub. They'll love fluffy turquoise towels, scented blue soaps and light-catching glass ornaments."

bloggers bathrooms, Shower head, brassware, Lefroy Brooks, Wall lights, Holloways of Ludlow, Wall paint, Stiffkey Blue, Farrow & Ball, basin, gold, metallic, white, blue, storage, side table,

If you're a GEMINI (May 22 to June 21)...
Born in the late spring, your home will most likely be full of colours that match that quintessential seasonal bloom: the daffodil. "There are two types of Geminis so their homes may appear to be quite different," explains Russell. "It will either be very feminine and pretty or extremely practical, almost to the point of little to no decoration. Bathrooms are ideal places for being one or the other, meaning there's a style to suit whichever type you are so you can start your day as busily as you mean to go on." 

strait, bathroom, Modern, bath, yellow, backtowall, back-to-wall, acrylic, luxury, homeinteriors, watersbaths, newbathroom

If you're a CANCER (June 22 to July 23)...
Cancerians love home comforts and will want their bathroom to reflect this. "As a water sign, you will most likely choose pale colours - barely-there pinks, silvers and whites, for example," says Russell. This bathroom will be designed for relaxation: "you'll want to include a comfortable chair, perhaps even a chaise lounge, with books and magazines to amuse yourself," Russell suggests. "You can really go to town with both luxury and comfort: think a clean white suite with the best-quality chrome fittings, for example." 

white,bath,bathroom,contemporary,light,country views,marble,porcelain tiles,boutique,hotel bathroom,french,luxe,luxury,luxurious,bathtub,tub,glamorous,grey,bay window,freestanding tub,chair

If you're a LEO (July 24 to August 23)...
"There's nothing shy or retiring about you," says Russell. "Born in the heat of the summer, you like nothing more than basking in the warmth of the sunshine. In Britain however, you may have to compromise a little, so try basking in a warm bath instead. Leos are most likely of all the signs to install a large bath, which they'll regularly fill to the brim with hot, bubbly water." As for the colour scheme for the lion sign? "Choose golds or oranges and don't forget the gold-plated taps - an absolute must for a Leo," advises Russell. 

bathroom,bath,bathe,yellow,tub,bathtub,wallpaper,floral,gold mirror,storage unit,curve,freestanding,colourful,summer,spring,Victorian,Gold Kartell,traditional

The Stitch in Highland wallpaper, Humber freestanding bath from Drummonds, Gold Kartell Componibili storage unit

If you're a VIRGO (August 24 to September 23)...
Subtle and private, the typical Virgo likes a quiet, orderly life. "Plain fabrics lined with complimentary colours would reflect the detailed approach which the Virgoan has to the home," Russell explains. "Essentially practical in a subdued way, the Virgoan bathroom may be fairly sparse with plain linen curtains, a small mirror and, above all else, will be extremely neat - cleanliness is essential to a Virgoan in the bathroom! Towels are crisp and precisely folded, and there will be no clothes dropped haphazardly on the floor, no tubes of dripping toothpaste... Everything sits neatly in its place."

bathroom,bathtub,blue,mirror,silver,brick walls,frame,wood,wooden,floor

If you're a LIBRA (September 23 to October 23)...
Perhaps the most romantic sign of the Zodiac, Librans can find it difficult to make up their minds. You'll take your time to choose your theme or colour scheme but "the overall effect is bound to be pastel, luxurious and shown an appreciation of aesthetic balance and orderliness," predicts Russell. "You could choose ceramicware with fluted edges, perhaps, to keep up the romantic atmosphere inspired by your ruling planet, Venus. A beautiful mirror will reflect all the decorative arrangements you've chosen. Your bathroom will be restful and harmonious - an ideal place to relax and let the worries of the day float away."

bathroom, bath, bathe, waldorf bath, durocoat finish, chic, mineral, classic, marble, crosswater, glossy, bevelled edge, bathroom, octagonal, fluted sides, bathtub, tub

Waldorf bath, Credit: Crosswater

If you're a SCORPIO (October 24 to November 22)...
The Scorpio bathroom will be full of surprises, suggests Russell: think dark colours, metallic details and perhaps a plus-sized tub designed for two. "It will be up-to date when it comes to design and technology, too," he continues. "Luxe beauty treatments will be arranged neatly behind glass-fronted cupboards, whilst velvet curtains or rush blinds will adorn the windows."

Bathroom,pendant lighting,mirror,basin,washbasin,modern,wooden beam,bin,circular,elegant,standalone,matt black,taps

If you're a SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 21)...
Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians tend to have a sporting inclination - so we wouldn't be surprised if your bathroom might feel more high-end changing room and less relaxing bathing zone. "The blinds will be easy to clean and functional in plastic while surroundings will be plain and bare in white or grey based decor," Russell advises. "Splashes of violet or purple will adorn towels, the walls or perhaps even the bathroom suite. The Sagittarian bathroom must be an area to show off the supreme fitness of its occupant, meaning everything must be working properly and in its place. A shower is a must for a Sagittarian and an additional shower room in the home may also be installed at their insistence."

bathroom, white, floating countertop, glossy tiles, mirror, radiator, stool, seating, grey, reflective

If you're a CAPRICORN (December22 to January 20)...
Governed by Saturn, Capricorns are likely to have a very practical bathroom - but at the same time, don't be surprised if they put-up with dodgy plumbing. "Capricorns like neutral colours - beiges, dark browns or nut browns - and are partial to a decorative theme, so be prepared for a frieze of soldiers or a print on the walls," says Russell. "Your love of nature and the outdoors means there is plenty of scope for off-setting those beiges and browns with subtle hues of wild or dried flowers or perhaps interesting stones found on country walks." 


If you're an AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19)...
Expect the unexpected in the Aquarian bathroom. Governed by Uranus, people with this star sign will always dream up something new and creative with it comes to decorative details, though the core colour scheme is likely to be relatively simple and, dare we say it, a little plain. "As an Aquarian you might find yourself prone to a little messiness - although I imagine you would like to discipline yourself a little in this respect," says Russell. "Ensure you have plenty of cupboards to accommodate the vast collection of products which you are bound to accumulate."

Bathroom, basin, kast concrete basins, tailored, scheme, concrete, concrete glass, contemporary, aqua, green, chrome, metallic, taps, minimalist, clean lines, metro tiles,

Credit: Kast

If you're an PISCES (February 20 to March 20)...
Bath time to the Piscean may well be the highlight of the day - after all, with Neptune in their sign, they have an affinity for water. Water-based hues are therefore the Piscean's delight: "think mauves, silvery blues, turquoises," says Russell. "The Piscean may even have fish adorned wallpaper or sea-inspired motifs on towels, and there'll almost certainly be a few shells scattered around."

bathroom,ensuite,light,mirror,dolphins,wallpaper,washbasin,marble flooring

For more horoscope insights, visit russellgrant.com.

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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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