Groom interrupts his wedding speech to save a life

Published 16th Sep 2015 - Cody Campbell transformed from groom to superhero at his wedding reception...

A groom brought a halt to his best man's speech in order to save a guest's life.

Quick-thinking Cody Campbell was just about to raise a glass at the end of his best man (and father!)'s speech, when he became aware one of his new wife's relatives was having trouble breathing.

Cody - a fire-fighter from Los Angeles - rushed over to the guest, who was reportedly chokng on a piece of steak.

Speaking to ABC7 News, the super-groom said: "I heard a couple of people yell, 'My God, she's choking!'... I just went back on my training and performed the Heimlich, and after about five or six thrusts, a piece of meat became dislodged from her throat".

Cody's blushing bride, Kelly, told Inside Edition how her husband, without 'any hesitation... jumped straight in there'.

Cody later confirmed to reporters that the lucky guest went on to complete her steak, and the festivities continued.

Watch the amazing video below!

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