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8 elegant ways to incorporate marble into your bathroom

Cool, timeless and endlessly sophisticated - here's how to add some marble to your space
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 18-04-2018 08:45am

Marble is arguably one of the most luxurious materials out there.

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A metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is heated, marble usually contains materials including quartz, pryite and graphite. Science lesson aside, marble is available in a range of colours, from warm oranges to cool blues. The sleek rock is hardy, enduring and utterly timeless.

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The Espirit range, Credit: OasisAlchemy Design Award

Whether it's the columns outside a front door, the floor of a sweeping hallway or the top of a kitchen island, there are so many ways to incorporate marble into your home, including your bathroom.


Read on for some marvellous (marble-ous, some might say...) ideas for adding a decadent twist of marble into your bathroom - from the subtle to the extravagant!

1. Use marble as the perfect splashback for the sink
Clever at concealing marks and relatively simple to clean (make it regular rather than allowing toothpaste stains et. al build up), marble makes a low-maintenance option for the splashback area behind your sink. 

beautiful,retro,classic,double,vanity unit,nickel finish,atlanta grey,marble,drummonds,grey marble,mirror,Moorish,Moroccan,patterned tiles,flooring,traditional,

Double Crake Vanity unit by Drummonds

2. Incorporate a marble wall into your shower area
Whether you want to draw attention to your shower as a key feature or simply want to add an accent of colour and texture, this is a neat way to add a glamorous twist to any shower, regardless of the space available.

Contemporary,bathroom,toilet,sink,washbasin,tap,shower,marble,symmetrical,walk in,white,grey,double

3. Up the elegance of your flooring
Proud owner of a larger bathroom? Consider marble flooring, for a luxurious hotel-style feel. Looks gorgeous in spaces with higher ceilings, whilst clever lighting will add a cosy glow.

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4. Install a freestanding basin
If you've got the space to play with - and the aesthetic desire to match - why not install a unique freestanding marble sink?

Bathroom, wall, statement, freestanding basin, Calcatta Viola marble, polished, splitface texture, mandarin stone

5. For the ultimate in bathing luxe, seek out a marble bath tub
For #extra points, install a tub carved from marble itself. 

Bathroom,traditional,modern,spacious,marble bath,marble flooring,lacquered walls,mirrors,chest of drawers

For a more subtle statement, opt for a bath with a marble exterior and an all-white interior for the perfect blend of classic-meets-modern.

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6. Pick a marble vanity
Just imagine getting ready in front of this each morning - seriously! Let mirrors and lighting complete the look.

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7. Contrast the marble with bold colours
The perfect setting for your marble, however you choose to incorporate it? A bathroom with a strong style scheme, naturally; think strong, calming colours that will add to the zen-like feel of your space.

wall, bathroom, deep water green, paint & paper library, rich, coloured backdrop, egshell, marble, aqua, green, pastel, traditional,

8. ...Or juxtapose it with metals
Alternatively, for the ultra in luxury, contrast marble with glamorous gold fittings. (Or any precious metal, really; rose gold or copper would make a gorgeous contrast, too.)


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   Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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