Tiers of... Cheese

Tiers of... Cheese

Published 19th Jul 2013

The popularity of the cheese wedding cake is at an all-time high - and here's why! 


The cheese wedding cake has been on our radar for the last few years, with its popularity ever-surging since the trend first began to take hold back in 2006. Now, there are over two dozen British companies who are creating cheese wedding cakes for couples across the UK - and all have reported a rise in sales over the last year.




So why has the cheese wedding cake become so popular? We investigated...

You don't need a sweet tooth

Not a fan of traditional fruit? For couples (such as Nina and Graeme) who don't have a particularly strong sweet tooth, the cheese wedding cake makes a delicious savoury alternative. Served with crackers and fruit, it also adds a luxuriously decadent twist to proceedings - and with over 700 cheese produced in Britain, there's something to suit every palette (and budget!). 

Make a statement

As with any wedding cake, the appearance of the finished product is almost as importance as the taste. A beautiful cheese wedding cake can slot into any wedding theme with ease - simply decorate with fruits and flowers that match your colourscheme and voila! 

Cheese = £££-saving

A cheese wedding cake doubles as a delicious after-dinner course (and also makes a tasty buffet feature, too, as Pamela and Ben found). If your guests don't polish off the lot on your wedding day, you're going to be left with a lot of cheese - which is never a bad thing, right? That's lunch sorted for the next few weeks...

Are you planning on having a cheese wedding cake? We took to Twitter to find out...

@louisecoulthard No way...not everyone likes cheese so way too risky! I'm all for doing things differently but not when a big risk!

@gingerjeans Definitely! And use it as the cheese course after dessert!

@RockerBride2B Cheesecake #wedding cake is a BIG YES!

Visit for delicious cheese wedding cake ideas.

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