What's HOT for 2017 | the bridal hair trends

What's HOT for 2017 | the bridal hair trends

Published 10th Oct 2016

Stylist to the stars Jason Collier gives us the low-down on 2017 bridal hair… 





He's worked with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Eva Longoria and Sienna Miller, and luckily we managed to grab hairdresser Jason Collier for five minutes to bring you, our lovely Wedding readers, his top tips on what's hot for 2017 in bridal hair... 


#1 Tell us a little about what you do. Who inspires you and your work? 

"My clients inspire me every day; their attitudes, their style and their ideas for their hair is just a constant source of inspiration for me. Working on the hair of women like Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, they always inspire me. They’re busy working women who balance so much and do so much for other people, and they always have it together and look incredible. I also find my travels are a great source of inspiration. For a month every year I love to go to Israel to just unwind and relax for a while, but I find I can never switch off when I’m there - there’s just too much to look at. It sets me off thinking about new ways to do things and different ways of styling, new trends… it never stops!"



#2 What 2017 ready-to-wear hair trends do you think brides could be inspired by for 2017? 

"A look that I created for a couple of the 2017 catwalks was a really sleek style; a centre-parted low ponytail, really sharp and glossy. I think this could definitely be adapted for the aisle from the catwalk! Someone like Olivia Palermo would wear this so well, it’s modern and fresh and so different from the traditional – it would look incredible with a sleek, simple gown. 


Braids were also huge at the 2017 shows, and this is so easy for brides to translate into wedding-day hair. Soft, loose braids, worn down or in the classic milkmaid style just look so pretty and romantic – especially when adorned with fresh flowers, ribbons or a stunning sparkly accessory!"



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#3 Do you think the 2016/17 bride is moving away from traditional bridal hair and opting for something more fresh and contemporary? For instance, loose curls and softer looks which are less styled?

"Yes, definitely. I think that brides are definitely starting to feel more comfortable with ignoring those traditional styles that everyone has had for the past ten years or more. Stiff, over-styled hair just looks dated and to be honest, up-dos don’t suit everybody. It’s so important to think more about what suits you, your style and your dress, rather than blindly following a trend or a tradition. This year’s brides are definitely heading for a more boho-inspired, relaxed look, with loose curls, plaits and fresh floral hairpieces becoming much more popular. It’s a modern look with a timeless feel!"



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#4 What five things would you suggest brides-to-be have on hand on their wedding day in case something goes awry with their hair style?

"I would definitely recommend one of the bridesmaids keeping hold of a little backup kit like this! It can be a real saviour if your hair starts unravelling or looking a little dishevelled halfway through the day. I’d recommend a great dry shampoo like Yarok’s Feed Your Style (, that you can sprinkle into hair to add a bit of lift if things are falling flat, or to soak up any sweat or oil if you’ve been hitting the dance floor hard! It’s also a great way to add texture if you feel your hair is too soft and slippery to hold its style. Another way to add volume is with a backcombing brush like Denman’s Dressing Out brush, which is also ideal for smoothing over any loose or bumpy bits on an up-


A great shine serum is brilliant for the mid-lengths and ends, to add a bit of gloss and keep hair looking luxurious as well as smoothing flyways – ideal if you’re wearing braids or a looser style. I love Yarok’s Feed Your Shine serum ( for this, and a little goes a long way. Kirby grips are a must-have; if things start falling or just looking a little messy, you can quickly and easily sweep hair back into place and get things looking tidy and sleek again! My final must-have is hairspray, of course! I love a light misting hairspray, to lock hair in place without looking crispy – one of my favourites is Josh Rosebrook’s Firm Hold Hairspray (, which is all-natural and nourishes the hair. Just spritz it on and slick back any loose strands to ensure your style is dance floor-ready and will last all night long."



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#5 Which celebrity's bridal hair would you love to style for their wedding day? (It can be anyone - doesn't matter if they're already married!)

"Pippa Middleton would be a dream bride to work with; she has the most gorgeous thick, glossy hair and I’m sure her bridal look will be as elegant as her sister’s. Pippa really suits having her hair up and away from her face, so I’d give her a really timeless, loosely structured up-do to frame her face and show off her features. I think Pippa is the type to wear a small, glitzy accessory rather than a veil, and this kind of style would keep things simple and classic."


#6 What would you suggest brides-to-be do when it comes to prepping their hair before the big day?

"Perfect wedding hair is all in the prep, and I would recommend starting a serious routine at least six months before the big day, to get the hair in the best possible condition. Hair will need to withstand not only the day itself, but the weeks leading up to the day when you’ll have your hen party, a bridal shower and your hair trials too. So many photo opportunities, so little time!


I’d definitely recommend indulging in a regular intense treatment at your salon in the months leading up to the big day, but if your budget can’t stretch to this, using a rich masque at home once a week is a great alternative. Yarok’s Feed Your Moisture masque ( is one of my favourites; you can smother your hair with and then sit back and relax for a while.


Colour-wise, it’s best to decide on the colour you want to be around three months prior to the day, and then get your last colour done 1-2 weeks before. It gives your hair a chance to settle and you can get used to your new look. With a cut, most brides are growing their hair for months, but a regular trim is the only way to keep hair looking luscious and healthy. Just a small amount snipped off every six-eight weeks will keep dry and split ends at bay. Sometimes brides want a totally new look just before the wedding, but as a rule I’d advise against any last-minute decisions, in case you end up regretting them. Subtle is best at this stage!


While it’s super important that your hair is in great condition, I’d recommend avoiding using a hair masque or too much conditioner too close to the wedding. Wash your hair for the last time on the morning of the day before the wedding, so it will have a full 24 hours to settle before your stylist arrives. This way, your hair will still be clean and shiny, but it won’t be too slippery or soft to style."



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#7 What specific trend do you think will be BIG next year? (this doesn't have to be bridal)

"It feels like there will be two main trends for 2017, and they’re total opposites! The catwalks were flooded with girls wearing minimal but seriously glamorous hair, think sleek low ponytails, elegant ballerina buns or smooth, straight locks thrown back over the shoulders - all worn with centre partings and a hefty dose of shine spray. It’s a really low-maintenance look that’s actually very simple to achieve – and as it would look as good on the dance floor as it would in the office, I think it will be very popular!


At the other end of the extreme, seriously volumised hair was a huge look at the SS17 shows and it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a huge trend on the streets too. Models at Anna Sui wore oversized beehives and Thom Browne’s girls had bouncy blown-out curls – for a more wearable version, take a look at Rebecca Minkoff’s models who had volumised loose waves that feel sexy and glamorous."


#8 What would be your top tips for brides-to-be searching for their bridal hair style for their big day? What should they look at/consider?

"With the style itself, it’s really important to think about what kind of bride you want to be. Do you see yourself with a classical look, or are you feeling more boho and romantic? Do you love wearing your hair up, or are you more of a wild child, with your locks loose and flowing? The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, and that you feel like yourself. If you have never liked your hair up, don’t feel under pressure to choose an up-do just because it’s traditional or it’s a trend! 


The same goes for accessories; if a veil feels too fussy or too formal, there are so many stunning options for embellished accessories, and real flowers always look beautiful too. Similarly, if everyone loves the idea of an oversized flower crown but it makes you feel too self-conscious, pare things back with a delicate bejewelled slide or even a mini veil, like a birdcage style. The key is to be totally comfortable with yourself, as you’ll be looking at these photos forever. 


I’d recommend building a Pinterest board for styles that catch your eye – and don’t pigeonhole yourself into just looking at traditional bridal styles. Use catwalk imagery for inspiration; maybe something on the runway will seem too avant-garde for your walk up the aisle, but your stylist should be able to interpret the idea and create something more wearable. Take your collection of images along to your hair trial so you can show your stylist your ideas, as well as explaining them. It’s also a must to take along a photo of your dress with the neckline clearly visible, so the hairstyle can be designed to perfectly suit your gown."


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