5 tips for freezing the top tier of your wedding cake

5 tips for freezing the top tier of your wedding cake

Published 7th Nov 2016

Said 'I do' - and want to save the traditional top tier of your cake? Here's how...


Tradition states that a married couple should save the top tier of their cake to enjoy on their first wedding anniversary. Not sure how to go about it? We've got you covered...

#1 Consider the flavours of your top tier

Some will preserve better than others. For example, a carrot cake will stand the test of time far more successfully (and deliciously) than a cake decorated with fresh fruit. Do your research and talk to your cake-maker, and if you're unsure, considering ordering an imitation top tier.

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#2 Make sure the top tip is protected at your reception

Okay, 'protected' might sound a little over-the-top but you get what I mean. Make sure one of the venue's catering staff whisks away the top tier of your wedding cake before Uncle Geoffrey inadvertently helps himself to it. The cake will then need to be put somewhere safe - where it can't be accidentally sat on or thrown away - before being taken home.

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#3 Once the cake arrives home...

If you've asked a member of your bridal party to take it on your behalf, they'll need to act quickly to get the cake ready for preserving. You'll need to remove any sugar adornments and decorations, and then pop the cake in the fridge for a few hours to give icing a chance to 'harden'. Then, it will need to be wrapped in cling film - we're talking three or four layers, to truly protect it. Wrap the cake as tightly as possible, to minimise the risk of freezer burn, which could result in your bridal bake being covered in crystals of ice.

Once the cake is suitably wrapped, pop it in an air-tight freezer bag.

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#4 Find the perfect place to store the cake

Crushed up underneath a bag of frozen peas is NOT what we're talking about, by the way. Either pop your freezer bag inside a box for added protection or add something decorative (such as your wedding invitation, attached with a rubber band) to the bag so you know it's the cake inside and not something that could be defrosted for tomorrow's dinner. Once you've done this, wrap the whole thing in foil and place it in a safe place in the freezer.

By the way: buttery sponge is partial to absorbing flavours, so whatever you do, don't place your cake next to anything pungent. 

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#5 Let the freezing begin

Planning to eat your cake on your first wedding anniversary? Remove the cake from the freezer the day before and let it thaw in your fridge for a full day. On the day itself, remove the coverings and let the cake sit at room temperature for an hour. Then - enjoy!

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