10 hen party games for you and your bridesmaids to play

10 hen party games for you and your bridesmaids to play

Published 12th Jul 2016

Break the ice on the hen with these brilliant no-fuss-required games - guaranteed to get you all LOLing in no time


The banned word game

Pick a few words that are strictly prohibited for the night ahead - for example: 'wedding'! The trickier-to-avoid the better; decide in advance what the penalty will be (think a dare or a shot, for example).

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Bridal bingo

Arm each member of the hen party with a sheet detailing what needs to be spotted: for example, the Mother of the Bride crying, the bride taking a selfie with a faux veil, and so on. The winner is the first member of the bridal party to take off all the items on her sheet (with photographic proof, if required!).

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Two truths, one lie

Each hen takes it in turn to share three things about herself (two fact, one fiction) - and it's up to the rest of the group to decide which story isn't true. A great ice-breaker, this game is guaranteed to have you all in stitches. To up the ante, set the story-teller a penalty-shot if the group guesses correctly. 

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Guess who

In a similar vein: ask each hen to bring along her most embarrassing photo from childhood and set the group the challenge of working out who's who. A nice little ice-breaker to start the night - there are added bonus points for cringe-worthy pics that feature the bride too!

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Scavenger hunt

Split hens into teams and arm each team with a list of must-finds from the night ahead (for example: a stripper's sock). The first team to tick off all the items on their list wins a prize! 

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My favourite memory...

Ask each member of the hen party to write down a memory of the bride. The bride then has to read out each memory and try and guess who wrote down each story. Flip it, too: ask the bride to write down a favourite memory about each of her hens and get people guessing who the stories are about.

Never have I ever...

Write down a list of statements (e.g. "Never have I ever had a Tequila hangover" - it's up to you how wild you want to make them!). For every statement they agree with, ask participants to take a shot of their drink and tell their story. Guaranteed to have you all laughing - and a nice bonding idea for hens who have never met before.

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Pass the bouquet

Kind of like pass the parcel - but with flowers! The person holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated until there is one hen left. she gets a prize (for no-fuss, use a candy bouquet that she can enjoy afterwards).

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Pin the moustache on the groom

You can go more X-rated with this one if you want - we'll leave you to use your imagination. Anyway: print out a picture of the groom's head and attach it to a poster or cardboard cut-out of the bride's favourite Hollywood star. Have a prize for the member of the bridal party who manages to get the moustache closest to the groom's nose. Silly but funny, too.

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Dress the groom

Similarly to the above: as well as having a pin-on moustache, add other items, such as sunglasses, a wedding ring and so on.

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