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5 ways to a perfect boudoir for frazzled parents

Make your bedroom a grown up’s only sanctuary with gorgeous fabrics and sumptuous materials
   Katie Davis  |  written on: 24-05-2018 08:30am

As any parent will tell you, having an hour or even a few minutes to yourself during the day is pretty much a non starter. This makes it even more important to have a place to retreat to – a grown up’s only sanctuary. Full of lush fabrics, gorgeous colours and a statement item of furniture, preferably a sumptuous bed to catch up on that elusive sleep and reconnect with your partner.

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Traditionally a boudoir was a term used to describe a woman’s dressing room or bathroom that was attached to her bedroom, but later it became a term used to describe the room where one met with their romantic partner. And there lies most people's key ingredient for a boudoir – romance.

1. Sleep in style
To ensure maximum comfort, make sure you buy the biggest and best bed that fits your space and budget. Since it is the natural focal point of the room, the style of the bed will set the tone for the rest of the space. Here, the Palais Avenue upholstered bed from French Bedroom Company creates a timeless romantic look, especially when paired with the opulent crystal chandelier and the all-white décor.

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2. Pay attention to fabrics
Luxe fabrics like satin, silk or velvet are ideal to set the mood in your sanctuary. Even cotton sheets, when they have a high enough thread count can feel decadent and luxurious.

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3. Let there be light
Hotels have mastered this art, so take a cue from them and install dimmers for your main lighting scheme, while bedside lamps or sconces are a must to not only cater to your task-based lighting needs but also add a design feature to the room.

drawers,luxury,bedside storage,bed,lamp

Another important element to consider when it comes to lighting and ensuring a good night’s sleep is your window coverings. Whether you opt for blackout blinds or a layered curtain look, quality and playing with textures and patterns are key here.

Tip: Floor-length curtains pooled at the bottom always suggest glamour and luxury.

historical,bedroom,metals,ornate,traditional,radiator,wooden flooring

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4. Floor it
A crucial element of the boudoir that goes unnoticed if done correctly is the flooring. If your room boasts of beautifully grained floorboards make sure you include a deep-pile rug near the bed for your feet to sink into as you wake up to the siren calls of the children in the morning.

bed, bedroom, linen, pillows, cushions, rug, wooden flooring, parquet, side table, wooden, wood,  blue, white, lighting, coastal, beach, beachy,

5. A little detailing
Finally, as this is a grown up’s only area, add a few luxe accessories in the shape of mirrored trinket boxes, beautifully scented candles, a gilt mirror or maybe some beautiful silk cushions to recline against at the end of a long day.

bedroom, chest of drawers, dresser, wood, light wood, vintage, traditional, mirror, baskets, country,  embossed, callas mirror, storage, bedroom trends, glamorous, furniture, metal, chest of drawers, storage, graham & green, graham and green, dressing are

Callas mirror, embossed metal chest of drawers, Credit: Graham & Green

Tip: You can never go wrong with flowers. Mix real blooms with today’s realistic faux ones to create a fresh, inviting space. Here the touches of green perfectly contrast against the soft shades of pink and white. 

Bedroom,pink,four posted,natural,plants

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Tell us:
How do you make sure your bedroom is a romantic haven? Let us know in the comments section below.

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   Katie Davis
Katie is a full-time working blogger and founder of Mummy in a Tutu (www.mummyinatutu.co.uk) where she writes about parenting, relationships, life, food (with a vegetarian twist) and more. When not working or spending time with her daughter, Katie enjoys drinking coffee, shopping and exploring Dorset.

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