To groom or not to groom? That is the question...

To groom or not to groom? That is the question...

Published 29th Mar 2016

Jonathan Andrew from the Jamie Stevens salon tells us what Grooms-to-be need to be thinking about when it comes to their BIG-DAY hair...


When it comes to the big-day, and the lead-up to the big day, often, the Groom (and his wedding day prep) gets a little forgotten about. So, guys, grab a coffee (or a beer, whatevs) and settle down to read what Jonathan Andrew (celebrity stylist at the Jamie Stevens salon, and groom-to-be himself) thinks when it comes to nailing your hair (and your prep) for the big day...

Q. When it comes to prepping for the big day, what should the groom be thinking about hair-wise?


A. 'First and foremost he should be thinking about how he feels comfortable with his hair, and also how the bride feels too. You want to look your best and feel confident not self-conscious, this isn’t the time to be trying out some crazy new look, trust me you will regret it! Think classic and you will be able to look back at these pictures in 10 years without asking, "what was I thinking?"' 



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Q. What do you offer grooms at the Jamie Stevens salon?


A. 'We talk about providing a bespoke haircut in much the same way a tailor makes a suit to fit. We start by getting to know the client; what are his style influences, what is he wearing on the day, what's the format for the wedding, how does the bride like his hair?


It's about getting a hair style that not only completes the look, but can actually make an impact on how the groom ends up feeling on the day. For example a client recently told me he had invested in a Tom Ford suit for his wedding. He came to me three months before the date and we started planning from there, we wanted to keep an element of cool but focus on a classic well cut formal haircut. The eventual style not only fitted the day perfectly but gave him the confidence to really carry off the beautiful suit.' 


We also take an in depth look at hair texture and condition and at the skull/head shape to ensure we can maximise the finished result and get the most out of the haircut. It's important to start working with your stylist 3-6 months before the wedding as this gives time for both parties to be comfortable and familiar enough to avoid any surprises.' 


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Q. How long before the wedding day should the groom be getting his hair cut?


A. 'Personally I think there should be two haircuts, one two weeks before the wedding to get the shape in and let the hair settle and then a follow up a few days before or on the morning to have their neckline and any facial hair groomed and kept in shape.


I would strongly advise against a full cut on the day of, at this stage it should just be fixing detail.


I also think its great to see so many guys coming to the salon on the day for a blow-dry finish, this can put their mind at ease for the day and the hair can be prepped to last the whole day.' 



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Q. What tips would you give a husband-to-be for the wedding morning? 



A. 'Set aside time to focus on your hair and have all the tools and product ready so you can tend to your hair in a relaxed fashion. I have heard stories of guys looking back wishing they had done more and not rushed this part, everyone focuses on different things but ultimately when you think about it how many wedding pictures do you see where you can't see the grooms head - getting this area right is a must.'


Q. Talk us through how more guys are coming into the salon regarding their wedding day and their hair. What are they asking?


A. 'It's really interesting to see more guys planning their wedding look in a way usually only done by brides.


I think it's so important that guys get it right, I've mentioned a few times about pictures but it's such an important part, especially now with guests taking pictures as well as the official photographers. I hate to hear people talk about not liking their hair in pictures, because   something so simple can be fixed with some planning and a little extra effort.' 



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Q. Do you think the groom (his hair, look, style etc) is often forgotten about a bit?


A. 'I think it is, the bride is always the talking point with every part of her look being planned down to the last detail. But, I think as more men in the public eye are showing that they also really care about their appearance, grooms are getting more comfortable with the idea of also really taking care of their look.


I'm writing this whilst my wedding is being planned for the summer, and even though I'm a hairdresser, I want my hair to look its best for no one other than my bride and I know that at the core most brides do the same for their grooms…' 


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