8 super-smart wedding budget tips for your bridesmaids

8 super-smart wedding budget tips for your bridesmaids

Published 21st Mar 2016

Help your girls stick to their wedding budgets in the run-up to your day with these pointers...


#1 Be upfront about all costs as and when, and with a sufficient amount of notice

Make sure you're crystal-clear about any expenses: yes, we're looking at you, bridesmaid dress! Whether you're planning to pay for the dress or are asking your 'maids to pay themselves, be as straightforward as possible in order to minimise confusion. 

#2 Remind your bridesmaids to book their accommodation ASAP

If they need (or want!) to stay over-night, booking accommodation in advance will mean they're most likely to get a better room rate. If your venue offers rooms for guests, check and see if they can offer a discount rate. Equally, room-sharing can also help save precious pounds!

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#3 Start shopping around for dress ideas as soon as you can

This way, you'll not only maximise your chances of finding a dress you actually like rather than just panic-buying at the last-minute but you'll also be able to peruse the various seasonal sales, too. You'll all have favourite websites so give your bridesmaids an indication of what you're thinking - for example, pastel or strapless - and ask them to keep their eyes peeled. 

#4 Give them a head's up with your gift-list so they can shop within their budget

Giving your girls first-dibs will mean that if they have a tight gift-budget they can pick out something that's comfortably within their price range. 

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#5 Skype them into planning meetings 

If they live a distance away and travelling to meet you for planning sessions could be pricey, consider Skyping them in instead. It won't work for everything, obviously; but if you just want to chat or run-through ideas, it could make a more budget-friendly alternative.

#6 Instead of splashing out on new accessories...

...Remind your bridesmaids that they can probably find the perfect shoes or necklace within what they already own. Unless they want to buy something new, of course. 

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#7 Tell them you're happy for your bridal shower to take place at home (only if you are, obvs)

Swerve booking fees, corkage charges and 

#8 Remind your 'maids to shop around for group-travel discounts

Whether it's 3-for-2 train ticket purchases or simply splitting petrol costs or taxi fares - there's alway a way to make travel a bit cheaper if you're in a group!

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