How to choose your wedding suit

How to choose your wedding suit

Published 28th Apr 2014

Elizabeth Grew from A Suit That Fits shares her top tips for picking the perfect wedding suit

When planning your wedding day, there are two very important outfits for every couple to think about. Of course, the wedding dress will be spectacular - but chaps, your suit is just as important.

Not in-the-know about choosing the right suit for you and your groomsmen on the big day? Read on!

What style of suit should I choose?

Consider what you want to wear on the wedding day. Are you thinking top hat and tails? Traditional morning suit? Something a little more modern?

If you’re set on a traditional morning suit, I’d definitely recommend going for the full three piece (a jacket, waistcoat and trousers) rather than just a jacket and trousers. A tail (or morning) coat will be heavier than a regular suit jacket (lounge suit jacket) or tuxedo, and you're more likely to want to take the jacket off during the reception. Therefore, going for a waistcoat will give you an extra layer that enables you to look formal without feeling uncomfortable.

A popular wedding suit style is a tailored two or three-piece that fits like a glove, makes the groom feel fantastic – and has the added bonus of being versatile enough to wear again after the wedding. It’s a great idea to invest in something that you can wear more than once, but the key to the groom feeling great in a lounge suit is to make sure the fit is right! A well-fitted suit can have a huge impact, even more than colours and accessories.

How should the suit fit?

Regardless of the type of suit the groom wears, getting the right fit is essential. My top five areas to look out for are always the same:

#1 Shoulders: a suit jacket shoulder that fits correctly should lay flat onto the wearer’s own shoulder. The seam on top of the shoulder pad should end where the wearer’s shoulder does - no longer or shorter.

#2 Waist: the cloth from his armpits and down the torso should not make a straight line, it should dart in. At A Suit That Fits, we take all of his measurements fro, head to toe, to ensure the fit is just right.

#3 Jacket length: the jacket should just cover the wearer’s seat, and then you know it’s the right length.

#4 Sleeve length: this sleeve should sit on the top of the hand where your wrist can bend, and this should enable you to see about half an inch of shirt below the jacket sleeve.

#5 Trouser length: depending on how slim or tapered a trouser you go for, you basically want to look for the trousers to sit onto your shoe, with one crease in front of the trousers across the top of the shoe.

What about the accessories?

Most couples will want to include some form of colour scheme as part of their wedding, be it through the flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses or decorations.

The groom and his ushers can complement the theme through their waistcoats, ties, cravats, pocket squares – and they can even have pictures printed into their suit lining with A Suit That Fits. If you do not want to put your whole groom’s party in matching suits, it’s really important to work with the accessories to tie the party together! One or two consistent elements will tie the groom’s party together.

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